Photos: Shelby GraceKaty Murray

Friday! Fair warning this blurb has been written in advance and it’s likely I am BARELY surviving the week at this point. Whenever Andy travels, I do my best to hold it together – but two kids + two jobs + parenting + school & daycare + LIFE = exhaustion and I really do not know how single parents do it (I don’t. I never will). Looking forward to my sister coming over tonight (so I can go food shopping … #theglamorouslife) and a small reprieve of one kid tomorrow when our former nanny swings by, but really I am just counting down til Andy is home on Monday. But first – a wedding styled shoot SO bright and fresh you can almost SMELL it. Love the use of lemon & Sage in this shoot for the crisp, clean lines, flavors, and overall feel. Let’s do this Friday!

Our lemon and sage, bright and fresh styled wedding shoot was inspired and designed to show off the brilliance of a Washington, DC morning.  The District of Columbia can be one of the busiest cities in the world and our team found the serenity amidst the chaos with this early morning shoot.  The Lincoln Memorial is iconic, but would you recognize it without the obvious statue of Honest Abe himself?  The picturesque marble and columns were the clean backdrop this elegant lemon and sage tablescape needed.  From the crisp lines of the show-stopping cake, to the fun and flirty invitations, this shoot was simply joyful.  We hoped to inspire a bride and groom who enjoy a quiet party with hints of laughter and lots of love.  They may enjoy a brisk morning walk and a double date at a wine bar.


Event Designers & Photographers: Shelby Grace & Katy Murray | Event Designer: Creative Motion Events | Invitations & Calligraphy: Stephanie Gould | Florist: Stacy Bowen | Cake: Terry of @Yummiblecreations | Pastry & Pie: Kareem Queeman | Make-up: Georgia Kontos | Videographer: Eric Murphy @cookiejarproduction | Models: Beeho & Elly


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