As per usual, I am late to blogging on this Monday morning. I am sure you are sick of my apologies at this point – but MAN I just couldn’t bring myself to blog last night. Andy and I drove to Penn State and back in one day on Saturday (8 hours!) and I forget just how exhausting that is. Yesterday was filled with couch lounging, football over-stimulation (red zone is just INSANITY people), and of course, eating WAY too much food. I didn’t even go to hip hop class either.

ANYWAY. Another big thing happened this past week that some of you may not care about, but I do – one of my favorite bands is calling it quits. Jack’s Mannequin was the second project by Andrew McMahon (the former Something Corporate singer) and they have decided to call it quits. I HATE when bands I love break-up. I mean, I realize there are a number of reasons and obviously they can’t stay together just for ME. But still – realizing that there will be no new music from a favorite band just sucks.

So for today’s non-sucky wedding music suggestion, I figured I would share a Jack’s Mannequin song off their most recent album, People and Things. It’s got a beautiful melody and poetic lyrics that I am sure you will all enjoy.



 Amelia Jean, you went and married a solider
I swear I never meant to leave you in the rain
So I’ll come back to take the weight off your shoulder
Amelia Jean, come on, let’s chase the train
Come on

I think it could totally be appropriate for a modern father-daughter dance song (especially if your name is Amelia!). It would also make for a great addition to your cocktail hour playlist.

Happy Monday Romancers! Hope to get a cute engagement sess up for this afternoon (which I realize is now in under 30 minutes …. ugh!)


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