It’s been a while since I featured a quintessential “DC Engagement” down by the monuments. When I saw this one from Jenn Lynn Photography pop into my Two Bright Lights inbox, I was taken not only by the images, but by the couple’s sweet love story too.

The couple, Justin & DJ, actually met while deployed in Afghanistan as civilians (non-military folk for those not in the know). They spent time together getting to know each other and quickly learned that they wanted to be together forever, upon returning home.

Justin & DJ’s Washington, DC Engagement Session

About the couple:

Justin knew at first sight that he wanted to get to know DJ better, but it took some convincing on his part that she really DID want to hang out with him.

She said she was there to work. :) Little did she know that she’d be meeting the love of her life, too!

They hung out for the next several months & saw quite a bit of one another. Since there aren’t a lot of distractions when you are working overseas on a military base, there is ample opportunity to get to know one another quite well.


 They knew when they both came home that this was meant to be & decided to start planning their big day.

DJ is headed back overseas for a few more months at the end of this year, so it was really important to them to be married before she left.


They are planning their wedding in record time, but not a hint of stress was detected during their engagement session. They were happy to be together, in love & ready to say “I do”.

Their wedding was a small, intimate affair at the Morrison House in Old Town Alexandria on Sept. 8th.

Congratulations Justin & DJ – thank you for sharing your Washington, DC engagement and love story with us! A special thanks again to Jenn Lynn Photo and Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!



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