Hey, have I told you lately how much I love twitter – Oh, right … I think I tell you all this about ten times a day. ANYWAY thanks to Twitter, I found Geekvites [don’t forget our discount promo we have going on with them!] and through Geekvites, I found the amazing Danielle – a fellow Harry Potter obsessee. My kind of girl ;)

Images courtesy of photography Alyson Hickey.

Danielle entered our Geekvites discount promo and through there we got to talking – she was buying the amazing Harry Potter invites and then told me about her awesome Harry Potter themed engagement shoot – with Slytherin flare.

More from Danielle:

 I had seen some other great Harry Potter engagement photos out there and knew that if I was going to put me and my fiance through the rigors of an engagement shoot it would at least have to be nerdy and fun. We’re both big Harry Potter fans, so it fit.

My fiance’s name is Kyle and we are an internet dating success story.  I knew as soon as I met a guy that didn’t object to the fact that I still loved stuffed animals, actually liked that my apartment looks like JK Rowling and Tolkien actually barfed all over it and didn’t mind that I talk to my cats (their names are Edgar and Allan Frog) he was the one for me.

I was looking to keep costs down, so I didn’t want anything overly stylized.  So I took a couple of brooms that I bought from Alivan’s for our Halloween costume a couple of years ago (we were Quidditch players on opposing teams, him Slytherin, me Gryffindor).

Since then we’ve both been officially sorted on Pottermore (which you NEED to do if you haven’t already) and I discovered that I am in fact a Slytherin, which makes sense to me now.

Click inside for the rest of Danielle & Kyle’s Harry Potter engagement session ~ with a cauldron full of Slytherin styling.

So here we both are proudly rocking our Slytherin finery (I bought him the house tie for Christmas).  I wanted the pictures to look like we had come from playing Quidditch at the Burrow or something like that.  The location was awesome, and our photographer was great.  I think we were her first “themed” shoot, but she was all for it.

Danielle also shares another something in common with me – we’ve both decided to take our Harry Potter obsession to the next level with Harry Potter tattoos. Mine is a spell on my foot, hers is the Deathly Hallows icon on her wrist. So much love for this <3

Danielle and her fiance intent to keep the Harry Potter theme going in their wedding [you can bet your bottom I’ll be featuring it here on Inspiration Friday].

Congratulations Danielle & Kyle – cannot wait to hear more about your Harry Potter wedding planning! A special thanks again to Alyson Hickey for the images. Happy Friday everyone!


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