Thanks to Melissa Waller Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights], we have a super fun & fashionable Virginia engagement session to share with you all this afternoon. Tony & Taryn are getting married this September and they decided to have a coordinated engagement session in Northern Virginia, including some really fun shots at the airport!

Photographer Melissa shares:

Tony & Taryn are an incredible couple who are getting married on September 22, 2012. Their engagement session was by far the most fun and exciting I have ever shot. They were able to have two stylists coordinate their outfits for the day and join us during the shoot. These guys were incredibly talented.

Tony & Taryn wedding website is REALLY cool and interactive!! I wish I had skills like theirs to make such a cool site back when I was planning our wedding!

How They Met [from the groom to be!]:

Taryn and I first met early on in my first semester at VCU. I had just recently transferred in, and during one of my lecture classes caught the eye of a lovely young woman. One day after class I noticed her walking ahead of me with a friend heading in the same direction I was going. They slowed their pace and once I caught up to them her friend introduced the girl to me. “Hi my name is Taryn and this is my friend Erin.  I think you two are in the same class together.”

Yes that is correct. Taryn and I first met after her attempt to put me together with her friend.

Needless to say things didn’t work out for me and her friend, but I must have made a good impression because although we didn’t speak I would catch her giving me THE EYE. It wasn’t until crossing APhiA and AKA that our paths would cross again. We became friends soon after (although she would have you believe that’s all it was she was still giving me THE EYE).

After going out on a few dates I asked her to be with me exclusively (she had been working on her shocked face for months) and after giving me said shocked face said Yes.

Fast forward five years and here we are today. I will spend the rest of my life with this amazing woman who brings me joy in every moment we share together. Why God chose to bless me with such an incredible gift I will never know. I can only say that I am grateful he has brought us to this point, and am eager to see what he has in store for our future.

Click inside to see the rest of Tony & Taryn’s fashionable & fun engagement session and to read the proposal story!

The Proposal [from the bride-to-be]:

Labor Day weekend, Tony and I had a Saturday to ourselves (for the first time in a long time).  As the day passed Tony suggested we have a picnic dinner in the park. I was super excited because it was a super cute idea and such a nice day out, so why not!?

I didn’t ask Tony where we were going because I assumed he knew where this park was since he suggested we go but as we’re driving I start to see things that look familiar and I realize we are we going to the Potomac Point Winery.

 We set up shop on a nice piece of land (totally romantic) and Tony asks me “What % of love do you have for me?”

I think hmmm… I take a moment and reply “I’d say about 75% or so” which of course he says “WHAT?!?!..WHY!?” I tell him that we have had a good run these past 4.5 yrs (or 4 yrs and some change as Tony says) and while he has made VAST improvements from where we started out day 1 there is always room for growth.  I then ask him “What % of love do you have for me?” he takes a moment and says “Probably around 65%” to which I quickly reply “Excuse me?” while I’m thinking “Did he just say SIXTY FIVE PERCENT?!?!”

As he begins to explain why he said 65%, I was only half listening because I’m still thinking “Did I MISS SOMTHING for him to say 65%??” meanwhile as he’s talking about our relationship and putting the camera away in its case … the next thing I know, all I hear is…”Yada Yada Yada… will you marry me?”.

*cue tears*

I couldn’t stop crying, and couldn’t see that Tony opened the box to present the ring to me. I couldn’t see ANYTHING!

We then pack up our stuff go inside so I can see the ring, and as I hold out my hand, and slowly look down, and I scream “AHH!!..YOU DO LOVE ME!!” lol.

We called our folks (who already knew because Tony had already asked both my parents for their blessing) all were super excited and goin crazy over the phone.)

Congratulations Tony & Taryn! Best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning! A special thanks again to Melissa Waller Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this Northern Virginia engagement feature possible!



  1. Bree – Thank you so much for featuring Tony & Taryn’s engagement shoot. We had so much fun and I am super excited for their September wedding. Thank you again. :) xoxoxo

  2. Congratulations! Superb photos–you captured their love for each other and excitement with one another so beautifully.

  3. Bree, we can’t thank you enough for the blog post featuring our engagement pictures. Taryn was unbelievably excited when she heard the news and I must admit I was too. Melissa has been awesome to work with and I’m confident you will be featuring more of her work in the near future. Thanks again.

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