We are so excited to announce a giveaway with Jessica Mary Photography this morning! Jessica has graciously offered to do a “Trash the Dress” shoot with one lucky winner!

“Trash the Dress” shoots have come to mean a few different things ~ some take the lighter end of the scale and do a fun, portrait-like session with their dress:

[via Yes Bride photo by Jamie Y Photography]

Others are a bit more daring, yet not completely destroying their wedding dress:

[via Borrowed & Blue photo by Joe Hendricks Photography]

And others up the ante ~ and full-on trash their dress with paint, mud & other things:

[via Shades of Grey Photography]

Whatever you plan to do – Jessica will be game in this Trash the Dress Session Giveaway!


This giveaway is for a “Trash the Dress” photography session with Jessie Mary Photography. The shoot will last 1-2 hours and must be within Washington, DC or Northern Virginia [approx 30-40 miles outside the 20194 area code].

The winner will get the session & 5 photos as high resolution files, with printing permission. 

The offer will expire July 2013.

How to Enter:

Entering is SIMPLE. Leave a comment here, explaining why you’d love to do a Trash the Dress session.

Extra chances to win are given if you like Capitol Romance on Facebook and another if you like Jessica Mary Photography on Facebook! [Leave additional comments to let us know you liked the pages]

Giveaway entries end Thursday, 21 June 2012!


  1. I would like to enter to win this photo session for my big sister, Shannon. She is getting married in May 2013, and she completely deserves something like this. She’s been there for me through everything, and I want to give her a wedding present that is totally unique and special. I think this would be that perfect present, because she is someone with so much personality and energy. Thank you! :)

  2. I would love to win this – our wedding was perfect and we got a ton of great photos, but no bridal portraits of me in my dress. What better way to go out with a bang than to have totally rad bridal portraits AFTER the wedding doing something epic like hiking or biking or whatever in my gown?! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I actually just got married yesterday (Yay!) I have wanted to do a trash the dress from the moment I got engaged. I am not the most nostalgic person so I never understood why anyone would want to preserve their wedding gown or save it for their children. Let’s be honest, by the time I have a child and she is old enough to be married my wedding dress will seem like awful 80’s dresses seem to my generation! So, I always knew I would donate my dress to a charity that provides dresses to brides who cannot afford their own dress. However, I would love to have amazing, quirky, fun, and dirty pictures to remember it by before I hand it off to the next lady in love. I would love the opportunity to get messy and create some unique images to hang in my home. That way, when my future daughter does make fun of my style I can show her that back in 2012 we knew how to let loose and have fun!

  4. Btw…I totally just read about your wedding! We also used Hall & Oats “You Make My Dreams Come True”! We used it as a recessional though :) Our groomsmen wore chucks and my girls all picked their own dresses from Modcloth. We got married at a baseball stadium in Maryland. It was so much fun! Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. I totally just realized that I wrote “Jessie Mary” which is the name of one of my friends from childhood instead of, obviously Jessica Mary…I’m a doof.

  6. I would love to do a trash the dress session, because as a photographer, I feel you can NEVER have enough photos! Especially of a dress you’re spending over $1000 on :P I have a feeling the day of my wedding, I’m going to be so jittery and excited I’m not going to want to be in front of a camera (I don’t want that on a good day when I’m not stressed about anything!) so to do a session after the Big Day, when I’m calm and married and ready to just bust out my best America’s Next Top Model faces, would be so amazingly awesome.

  7. “liked” both on facebook! I would LOVE to do a trash the dress session, because I am a pretty quirky, offbeat persona and would do pretty much anything without inhibition.

  8. I liked Jessie Mary and Capitol Romance on Facebook (been following Capitol Romance on Twitter for a while!) –

    I’d love to do a trash the dress session to really capture my personality in my dress! Our intimate wedding (26 people!) was just perfect a few weeks ago. I’d love images that capture the stomach-flipping giggle-mania I get when I’m with my husband. We have fun doing anything…. Some of the dates during our first year together include lawnmower races — it IS a thing! — and croquet matches.

    I knew he was THE ONE when I realized I’d gladly go back to both events (and actually researched upcoming races. Of lawnmowers (blades off). Around a track. The announcer said “It’s just like NASCAR!”)

    I’d love to get dress photos at a county fair — enjoying the food, the animals and of course, the stomach-flipping, giggle-inducing rides.

  9. I have always wanted a trash the dress photo shoot! In fact, I bought a second dress just to do it!! It would be such an amazing experiance and memories that will last a lifetime :o) Its unique and not many people do it. I want to be outstide the box in every aspect!

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