“It takes a village” – Offbeat Bride

Welcome back to part 4 of our “How to Have a DIY Wedding” Series! In case you missed parts 1-3, be sure to check out #1 Time, #2 Priorities, and #3 Consistency.

But for today we are discussing our take on the phrase DIY and specifically, that last letter, “Y”.

Most people know that the “Y” in DIY stands for “yourself” and if you didn’t, well now you do! My advice to you today, is that you don’t have to do everything YOURSELF when it comes to DIY wedding projects! You can actually change that “Y” to an “A” and have ANYONE help you with making projects for your wedding.

My mom actually hand-made all of the Christmas ornament & tulle bouquets for my wedding:

When I started planning my own wedding I read Offbeat Bride’s book ~ the Creative Alternative for Independent Brides. One of Ariel’s chapters was called “it takes a village” and talked about how planning a unique and affordable wedding, really could require an entire village of people to help you execute.

My mother in law is a seamstress, so she DIYed my wedding dress:

Now, while you might not need an actual village, what you should do is find out which of your friends, family or wedding party members have certain skills or talents they can donate so that they can help you with your DIY projects. You don’t have to plan & execute an entire DIY wedding all by yourself!

We had a friend that designed the graphics for our wedding invitations.


Just because it is called DIY –doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Chances are your friends and family will WANT to help in ways they can and it will certainly help you with the time commitment part of having a DIY wedding.

What projects are your family & friends helping with for your DIY wedding?


  1. I wish I would have used that “A” better! As a constant DIY-er I did most of my wedding “myself”, but I really like the idea of recruiting others to help. It might also a great way to involve and get to know members of your soon-to-be family as well :-)

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