A multicultural wedding … with lots of DIY projects … a bright pink & yellow color scheme … all planned in 3 months ?! This sounds like a feature for Capitol Romance :)

Yesterday we shared Ngoc & Jason’s adorable, whimsical engagement under a willow tree and today we are so pumped to share their beautiful, DIY wedding. Ngoc made a TON of the DIY projects in this wedding, and the couple used their favorite colors [yellow and pink] to turn an ordinary gold-course, tented wedding into a whimsical, magical, colorful party.

Thanks to Michelle VanTine Photography & Two Bright Lights for the submission!

Ngoc & Jason’s Pink & Yellow DIY Wedding in Virginia

From photographer, Michelle VanTine:

This Vietnamese-American wedding was a really neat fusion of cultural tradition and modern elements. The highlight for me as a photographer was arriving at the reception and seeing how Ngoc single handedly transformed a ordinary at-the-golf-course-tent into a whimsical, colorful party. We had so much fun taking the balloons around the course and being silly for pictures. So much fun in fact, that I fell off the bridge while shooting right into the swamp! No harm done… still got the shot. It was a wonderful event and neat to see how all of Ngoc’s DIY projects came together beautifully.

Details from the bride:

We wanted our wedding to be described in 6 words: sweet, whimsical, cute, fun, simple and classic.  Our tag line was {a sweet beginning}.  Pink and Yellow worked perfectly because Ngoc’s fav color is pink and Jason’s is yellow.  Not to mention, pink and yellow are bright, happy, and fun.

love the buttons on the bouquet stem!

Their friends & family pitched in with a TON of duties since they were planning on a 3-month timeline AND on a budget:

The whole wedding process was such a humbling experience to see how family and friends selflessly pitched in to help and were there to support us every step of the way.  Our friends helped us with executing every detail of the wedding from being the florist, the decorations to being the day of coordinators.

 i love love LOVE their invitations ~ booklet style with the modern font/design. love!

All the details were DIYed by Ngoc!

 Almost all the items from the wedding were DIY and made by the bride herself! – the programs, the decorations, the invitations, escort cards, the design.

You will definitely want to click inside to read the rest of this DIY Virginia wedding feature ~ the wedding party shots are some of the most fun I have EVER seen.

As a multicultural couple, they infused both cultures into their wedding day:

Well, the unique thing about our wedding was that Ngoc is Vietnamese.  So we incorporated her Vietnamese background and cultures into our wedding.  In the morning, we held the Vietnamese Ceremony at Ngoc’s parents house.  Also, during the reception, we wore our traditional vietnamese attire – ao dai’s.  It was great to be able to blend both cultures together.

and as always the “we just got married!!!” shot.

More from Ngoc:

As for the venue, due to the health conditions of Ngoc’s grandma, we had to keep it close to her down in the Williamsburg area so that she could make it.  Ngoc’s prayer for years was that her grandma would be able to see her get married.  It was extra special for Ngoc to have her there.  Also, the day, May 14th, was extra special to us because it was our 1 year dating anniversary. It was important for us that family and friends felt welcomed but also that everyone had fun while celebrating our union.

love the white paper lanterns with the oversized ballons! what great DIY decor!

Our friend who did the floral arrangements even had a fever that day but still fought through it to supply us with beautiful flowers. We were definitely on a budget, and the help of our loved ones made this day special for us and possible.  Without them, we would never have been able to pull the event off, or we’d end up having to pay a bunch of money that we didn’t have!

Operation amazing, fun, offbeat wedding party pictures COMMENCE!

they are having SO much fun … i love it!

Ngoc’s face says it all here:

Ngoc even discovered a hidden talent of hers – event planning.  Her only regret was that she was the bride and couldn’t execute the day of plans because well, she had to be the bride!

It’s really possible to do so many things on your own, make the day much more personable, plan a wedding in only 3 months, stay within a budget, and have the wedding turn out just as we imagined it and better.

Sparkler send-off … love this shot! So cool!

Congratulations Ngoc & Jason – I cannot believe you guys planned and executed this gorgeous wedding in only 3 months! A special thanks again to Michelle VanTine Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!


  1. This is by far my fave feature you’ve had on here! I LOVE everything about this wedding. The colors, the couple it’s perfect!

  2. I love this wedding. It reminds me of my wedding. We didn’t have a huge budget, but we managed to do lots of DIY projects, and pull it all together with the help of friends and family. Thank you for sharing posts like these! Great photos! Kudos to the photographer.

  3. Thanks Zareth! It’s so fun to photograph weddings with creative elements and fun people. Kuddos to you Bree for sharing fun offbeat weddings…. such a breath of fresh air- love having a blog like this to share my work

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