This afternoon’s Cherry Blossom engagement shoot is full of fun and love ~ two of my favorite things. Washington, DC wedding photographer, Jenn Link Photography, shares this adorable session and told me about Taryn & Liam. They JUST moved to DC in January [from Miami] – so what better place to take engagement pictures, than by the blossoms?

Tara & Liam’s love story:

I like to think of me and Liam as high school sweethearts, but really we were high school flirt-oholics. We met our sophomore year, and the biggest thing I noticed about Liam back then was that he gave the BEST hugs.

He spent sophomore year stealing my shoes, junior year teaching me Calculus, and senior year watching me get kicked out of Calculus class once a week! I spent my time trying to drop hints, convincing him to come on retreats with me, asking for tutoring sessions during homeroom, and sneaking notes out of his locker from all the other girls who were falling all over him!

But all of this was to no avail; the boy was completely oblivious.

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Cherry Blossom engagement feature ~ AND the rest of Taryn & Liam’s love story!

So after graduation, when I got back from vacation, I hadn’t heard from him, so I decided if I wanted to see him I was going to have to make that happen. Now I know that Liam had adopted the “Fresh-Start” attitude: going away to college, thinking the friends who were meant to be in his life still would be. So apparently my invitation to hang out was just the fated sign he needed to kick into action. Too bad I was leaving for college out of state the next day.

Thanks to the wonder of technology we talked practically every night that first year. I had a rough year and he was there  every step of the way, patiently waiting for me. He became my best friend, and the person I could see spending the rest of my life with. I decided to transfer in-state, and after four years of flirting, we finally started dating.

And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Congratulations Taryn & Liam! Best of luck with your Miami wedding planning! A special thanks again to Jenn Link Photography for sharing her images with us!




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