It’s Friday. Get Inspired.

I think I have mentioned before that I have started doing more “inspiration”-centric posts on Fridays. And if I haven’t, well … I am doing more inspiration-centric posts on Fridays now :)

This morning I wanted to share some of the amazing decor details from the Borrowed Event AND take a little time to introduce the lady behind the amazing decor: Kristen with Molly Cat Designs.

 Kristen, Molly Cat Designs, & Her awesome Borrowed booth:

[via Ready Luck]

Kristen shares the details on her amazing Borrowed Event Design & Decor:

I was given an insanely amazing opportunity to design the space for the first ever, Borrowed Wedding Event.  Borrowed showcased some of the industry’s most creative vendors and was being held in an equally inspired venue, The American Visionary Art Museum.  With all of that imagination and energy in one space, the design for the room could not be boring.

Color was my main motivation for the design of the space.  While the room was amazing on its own—with gorgeous hardwood floors, industrial white rafters in the ceiling, and the most beautiful accent wall made of old barrel segments—the space needed to reflect the fun, youthful vibe of Borrowed and the colors of the four promo videos.

[via Sarah Park Events]

So seriously – how amazing did Kristen make streamers, paper heart garland, and fake flowers look!? A cascading streamer chandelier?! A colorful waterfall of paper hearts?!

And … my absolute favorite piece of her decor up next. I saw these babies from across the room when I got to Borrowed and I was instantly enamored. I practically ran over to them (just as my husband):

[via Jillian McGrath Photography]

I am obsessed – I think I inspecting every inch of these puppies. I never would have thought to spray paint fake flowers and make them into a centerpiece. But the metallic silver paint against the brightly colored table clothes – like SERIOUSLY, someone needs to do this for their cocktail hour (or hell, reception centerpieces) like yesterday!

 Kristen shares her inspiration AND how she made the decorations budget-friendly:

My goal was to inject as much color as possible into the room while also being cost effective.   Of course I utilized party supply stores for things like balloons and the almost 2,000 feet of crepe paper streamers used in the retail/tasting area, but I also love to go to places like the dollar store and home improvement stores to buy supplies.  The dollar store is an amazing place to buy bulk quantities of things like tissue paper, artificial flowers, and vases.   If you also give yourself the time to wander the aisles of places like Lowes or Home Depot; you will be amazed with the inspiration you can find.


[via Jillian McGrath Photography]

Combined with Maggpie Vintage Rentals “lounge” – our Borrowed Event space was absolute eye candy, 100% 1-of-a-kind AND completely budget-friendly decor.

Kristen adds some advice for budget-friendly wedding decorations:

My biggest piece of advice is that your decorations do not have to cost a lot of money to make a big impact—you just need some time and patience.  Most of my supplies came from the dollar store and I found a way to piece together low-cost items into something that would fill up the space.   However, if time and patience are not friends of yours, there are always people like me who would love to dream up and create decorations for your event.

[via Jillian McGrath Photography]

Hoping these colorful, budget-friendly decorations are getting your inspiration juices flowing this morning! A special thanks again to Kristen with Molly Cat Designs, for sharing her insight, advice & expertise. And a special thanks again to Jillian McGrath Photography, Ready Luck, and Sarah Park Events for letting us share their beautiful images!

It’s Friday. Get Inspired.



  1. Wow. And just like that, I no longer hate crepe paper streamers. I apparently just hate the poor use of them at seemingly every other birthday party and celebration.

  2. Inspiring!!! Love Love the centerpieces and the overall creativity of using everyday materials to create lasting memories!

  3. Loved the use of the crepe paper in a different and dramatic way. Really liked the heart garland. You should be so proud; as I am too!

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