We are back this afternoon with an engagement session courtesy of Abby Grace Photography. This session holds a special place in her heart as it’s actually her BROTHER that is featured in this shoot today :)

Things I love about this session: it has an adorably in-love couple, the second half of the session was taken in a parking garage [yes! alternative engagement shoot locations!] and, Ethan gave us the write-up for the “about us” and proposal story. I am not sure what it is, but I get a little extra giddy when the dudes give me the feature write-ups, maybe because weddings always seem so bride/woman-focused, I love when the guys get involved.

OH and check out Ethan’s brown attire in the shoot …. look familiar?

Jessica & Ethan’s Reston Town Center Engagement Session

About the couple:

Jessica and I met June 6 2009 (D-Day) in the Brittania Arms pub in Monterey, California. Jess had seen me around base running my Marines and inquired amongst her friends where she might find me. She walked into the pub that night and I casually remarked to my friend that “She looks so much prettier out of uniform”. He asked me if I wanted him to talk to her for me. I went ashen and said “no, no please,” because I was too embarrassed to talk to her. My friend brought her over to me and we hit it off. She gave me her phone number and said I could call her. I called her on my way home from the bar that night. We went on a date the next day and fell in love. We spent every day together for the entire month before Jessica left for Texas. We decided to break up because the distance would be too great, the day she left. About an hour after she was on the road we called each other and decided we couldn’t live without each other.

Can I just say that i LOVE that Jess is rockin’ a hoodie here – she looks adorable! Dress like yourselves at your engagement shoots … Ok people?

Abby shares a bit on the session:

The e-session took place on a chilly morning in Reston Town Center. Ethan and Jess’s e-session was really special to me because I’ve seen the effect she has on him. No one’s ever been able to tame Ethan’s more sarcastic side, but then Jess came along and, well, Ethan’s still sarcastic. But I’ve never seen anyone love the way he loves Jessica. I can’t wait to have her as my sister-in-law; she is the BEE’S. KNEES.

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Reston Town Center engagement session from Abby Grace Photography ~ including the adorable proposal story from Ethan!

The proposal:

Fast forward to March 2011. I spent six months looking for the perfect ring for Jessica. When I finally found it I planned to wait until our 2 year anniversary to propose. I made it three weeks. Jessica was looking at wedding websites on her computer and I felt like there was no better time. I walked outside to ‘work on my car’ and spent about 20 minutes outside before I came inside and told her I had dropped a screwdriver into the engine compartment and needed her smaller hands to reach it. When she came outside the ring box was sitting open inside the engine compartment on top of my battery case. She saw it, I dropped to a knee and proposed to her. She said yes.”

Congratulations Jess & Ethan! Best of luck with your upcoming wedding. A special thanks again to Abby Grace Photography for sharing her beautiful images with us!




  1. I love the whole thing! Abby you really captured the spirit of their love and it gave me a tingle in my spine! I am so thankful that my sweet baby has found her true love and that she is becoming a part of such a wonderful family. Thank you so much!

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