This morning I have an adorably sweet Baltimore, MD wedding to share with you from wedding photographer, Kathy Hertel Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Heather & Steve had spent a really long time together after meeting in high school, but allowed time to pass before they made the decision to get married. To them, the wait was worth it, Heather told me:

“Time makes it worth the while knowing that there is always going to be someone by your side waiting with you. “

Heather & Steve’s wedding at the Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore, featured a soft, spring color palette and lots of intimate, hand-made touches. I know you guys will love this one! Enjoy.

Their love story:

What is special about our love is the fact we fell in love at the right time and at the right moment. Even though we knew each other in high school, it wasn’t the right time to fall in love. Timing is everything. Both Steve and I knew we were at the right time in our lives to fall in love when we spoke “I love you,” for the first time. We shared 8 years through easy and difficult journeys and we were there together to share in those times. Time makes it worth the while knowing that there is always going to be someone by your side waiting with you.

Steve and I knew it was the right time to get engaged when we couldn’t imagine sharing our time with someone else but each other. We were engaged in 2009 during our romantic cruise to the Bahamas. To some people, it was about time. To us it is the perfect time to start this new journey together as husband and wife. We now look to our futures in seeing all the time we have to live our lives to start a home, a family, a new journey.

We wanted the wedding to be romantic, elegant, and simply intimate. Right from the start, we had luck on our side when choosing our location of our wedding ceremony and reception. When we toured the Gramercy Mansion, we were immediately enchanted by the elegance and charm that we fell in love. Gramercy had everything we were looking for; a romantic garden scenery, antiques that decorated the reception rooms, and all without bringing any additions to make it attractive for our wedding.

From then on, everything else fell right into a perfect place for our wedding.

Click inside for the rest of Heather & Steve’s Baltimore, MD wedding at the romantic Gramercy Mansion.

After meeting with our photographer Kathy Hertel and our minister Karen Mobley we could not envision our wedding without them. They had captured our memorable day for us to remember for the rest of our lives. It was the perfect day for Steve and I.

loving the flowers in the pewter cans as ceremony decorations

love the mix of solid purple & patterned purple bridesmaids

i think they accomplished the romantic look they were going for ~ don’t you think?

Congratulations Heather & Steve – thank you for sharing your beautiful Baltimore, MD wedding with us! A special thanks again to Kathleen Hertel Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!




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