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Sweet Bee Photography sent me this adorable Frederick, Maryland wedding a few weeks back via Two Bright Lights, and I have been super excited to share it ever since. The couple is musically inclined [the bride sings in a band known as the Mood Swings] and their wedding, naturally, included lots of musical-themed and DIY details.

Their adorable DIY wedding included boutonnieres made from guitar pics [how much do I love this?!], fans for the bridesmaids instead of bouquets, an adorable “Linus & Lucy” cake topper, and an INSANELY touching ring bearer book [more details on this below].

the guitar pick boutonnieres – LOVE



Sweet Bee Photography shares the beautiful, personal details of the non-traditional ring bearer book:

One thing that really struck me about this couple was the ring bearer pillow/book.This little guy was quite adorable and he had the honor of carrying something very special to the bride and groom. It was a book they had had through the ups and downs of their relationship. They would essentially write lover letters, sometimes apology letters, sometimes…”It’s our wedding day” letters and they would pass it back and forth. After they had each written their letter on their wedding day, they tied it with ribbon to match their wedding party and tied their rings to the end.

I thought it was such a fun tradition that I think couples could even start on their wedding day

Click inside for more pictures of the ring bearer love story book [love this non-traditional wedding detail so much!] and some action shots of the Bride & her band in action!

Thanks again to Sweet Bee Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this DIY Maryland Wedding submission possible!

Did you love these DIY details as much as I did? How about that ring bearer book – full of love letters and notes to eachother. OMG so sweet.


  1. So glad you enjoyed these little parts of our wedding – we certainly did! Our marriage is going strong and helping to fuel our band, Chris & Jenna – you can find us on Facebook, on Twitter @chris_and_jenna, on iTunes… Thank you to SweetBee Photography for capturing our day so beautifully!

  2. Yep LOVE the guitar pick bouts!!! And that cake is the cutest thing ever. And I adore that they sang at their own wedding. I would love to do that, if my groom can sing. Which is yet to be seen… here’s hoping! ;) I’m definitely going to share this post!

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