This afternoon’s engagement session comes to us from one of my favorite Virginia wedding photographers ~ Kimie with IYQ Photography. I know I’ve droned on before about how her vibe and mine are just totally in-sync. But I just can’t help it, when I like something, I like to tell everyone :)

So I am super excited to share a totally rad engagement session from IYQ Photography. The gorgeous lady, Layna, might look familiar ~as she was the stunning model in the bright yellow “It’s Always Sunny” bridal inspiration shoot we featured last Friday!

About the couple:

Michael and Layna are the greatest. The end. Ok no, but pretty damn close. They met way back when in Kindergarten and have been friends ever since. However, they only started dating about three years ago. See, Layna was the typical ‘lost girl’ who had to date every jerk on the planet before realizing she deserved the nice guy. Meanwhile, she used to set Michael up with her friends saying how sweet and kind he was and that he’d be a great boyfriend. Little did she know….

After years of heartbreak for each of them, they finally saw what was right under their noses all along. Their mouths. No, wait, each other! Since then they have found the true meaning of love; which Kimie from IYQ Photography has captured perfectly in every session. Kimie’s knack for weirdness in the best possible way is what drew them to her and they’ve been basically obsessing over her work ever since!

 Click inside to see the rest of this rad, alternative Richmond, Virginia engagement session .. and read some pretty AWESOME news from the couple …

It appears a Congratulations is in order ….

The newlyweds are expecting their first bundle of joy this fall and will without a doubt turn him/her into an IYQ baby!

SO EXCITING! Congrats you two!!! :)

there is not much cuter than a dog in a tuxe

Congratulations Layna & Michael ~ on your recent wedding, your awesome engagement shoot AND your upcoming new bundle of joy! A special thanks to IYQ Photography for sharing these awesome images with us!

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