We lose track of what truly makes us happy, replacing love of community and connection with love of stuff.”

In a city that seems inundated with over-the-top and lavish weddings, I find comfort in the fact that I can still find features that are the complete opposite of that. Consequently, I was searching through old blog posts of mine, and came across this one  I wrote like the second or third week after I started my offbeat DC wedding blog. It was all about how a family gave up half their “stuff” or possessions so that they could better focus on their love and what was truly important in life.

When Photography by Susie dropped this sweet & simple Washington, DC courthouse wedding in my inbox, well, I was instantly taken back to writing that reflection blog post.

A small, intimate setting, like a courthouse wedding, is one of the most perfect reflections of what a wedding really should be focused on. Two people ~ and their love & commitment to each other.

Ok, I think that is enough personal reflection for a Friday. Without further adieu, here is Julia & Brad’s sweet Washington, DC courthouse wedding by Photography by Susie, including a touching video by Timebox Productions.

Click inside to see the rest of Julia & Brad’s sweet & simple courthouse wedding in Washington, DC ~ including a gorgeous wedding video by DC wedding videographers, Timebox Productions.

Congratulations Julia & Ben ~ special thanks again to Photography by Susie for sharing her beautiful images of this intimate courthouse wedding!

Julia & Brad’s beautiful, intimate Washington DC courthouse wedding video:

Yunyun and Brad from Timebox Productions on Vimeo.



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