No, I didn’t make a mistake. I am not about to write the same post again about my DIY Christmas ornament & tulle bouquet. I am, instead, excited to announce that a real bride planning her amazing DIY, non-floral winter wedding, has decided to make her own DIY ornament & tulle bouquets, and I am so thrilled to get to share them!

Take it away Charlotte:

The goal of the wedding is to be a twinkling snow-ball theme. We’re hoping to find a cozy ski resort to have an active and cozy wedding. My goal is to do the wedding without a single flower, so this was a great place to start!

[^you can totally see why Charlotte is my kind of bride!! I cannot wait to see the rest of her projects!!!]

Here are the pictures of the 2 bouquets we’ve made so far:

The big one is mine and then the little one is for our flower girl and is toddler-proof with only bows (no glass balls!). We opted for just a few small balls and then found fabulous little pearl beads on clearance (yay!) at Joann’s. The little white pearls sticking out like antennae were also a sale find and I love the way they look. I think they are intended to be package ties for favors, but we cut them all in half and shoved them in the ball.

The holder for the bridal one is on is the larger holder at Joann’s (3 inches, I think) and then the flower girl’s and the rest of my bridal party will be the smaller size.

We took a 3″ foam ball and cut it in half and then used 1 roll of tulle for the bridal bouquet (6″ squares) and less than half of a roll for the smaller one. We used beading wire to fasten the accordion folded tulle and the balls into the foam.

For the flower girl bouquet we cut the 6″ squares in half so they were 3″x6″ which gives it the short tight ball look and we tied bunches of blue bows and attached them with wire.

We wrapped the stand with white ribbon and glued it in place and then wove in the ribbon around the edge and let the tails hang down. The rest of the bridal party will be teal, although we haven’t been able to find teal tulle that is the right color and right price yet.

Oh and the best part …. We’re thinking the average price per bouquet is $10 or less. (Love!)

Thank you SO SO much Charlotte for sharing your version of the DIY Ornament & Tulle Bouquets! I cannot wait to see the teal ones for your maids, and I defintely cannot wait to see the rest of your DIY details & projects :)



  1. Those are the cutest bouquets! I think the idea is perfect for my little flower girl (she’s 2). I might try to use burlap instead of the tulle or just wrap the handle in burlap so it fits with our theme (A country Christmas), but I am definitely going to go this route with at least her “flowers”. Thanks for sharing the end results of your creativity/design!

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