This non-sucky wedding song suggestion comes to us today courtesy of my hip-hop/funk class at the Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights, DC. It is probably one of my favorite songs that we dance to in the class, and I am recently obsessed with it [don’t tell my husband, he hates Sean Paul. hah.] But seriously, I’m not sure how anyone could hear this song and not want to start an instantaneous dance party, no matter where they might be.

[in my case, it’s my home office … and yes I did just blast this and have a dance party with my mini dachshund. don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it]

So I am sure everyone can guess what a great song this would be for in your wedding. Walking down the aisle … of course!!! Ok, that was a joke. This modern, upbeat wedding song suggestion would be the perfect song to get your reception started as your reception entrance song.

Let’s get this Monday going, shall we?



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