Our favorite DIY DC Bride is BACK with another beautiful set of photos to share with us. Emma & Claude, otherwise known as the DIY DC Duo here on Capitol Romance, had another photoshoot with their wedding photography company to get some more beautiful shots of the two of them.

Emma reached out to me with a cute little update on their life – she is even considering possibly opening a DIY wedding business in Richmond, VA!

My husband got a promotion at work and I got laid off from my job.  I have since got a new job and a second night job to help make ends meet and save. I still stalk the wedding boards because I am obsessed with all things wedding.  I am considering opening a budget oriented or DIY oriented party planning business in Richmond with my newly unemployed mom.  We will see?

These pictures were taken in Georgetown when we went up for the night to reminisce.  This is the very same sweater dress that I was wearing when I met Claude almost 2 years ago.   I think that I have aged fast in these 2 years, but Claude tells me that I look exactly the same.  I feel the same way about him.

It’s so fun to check back in with a couple that I got to work with so much since I started my blog. I still love looking back at how Emma pulled off such an amazing DIY Cherry Blossom wedding with a small budget. All her DIY wedding projects came out so well ~ so much so, that even Rock N Roll Bride noticed and put the wedding on her Thursday Treats!

thanks to Bella Pictures for the images!


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