This Thanksgiving was a bit crazier than usual – as it started with my car breaking down, en route to my parents’ house in New Jersey. We knew the “BriBug” [aka the personalized license plates on my 2000 VW Beetle] was on her last limb, but breaking down two hours from home wasn’t exactly what we had on our agenda for the holiday.

Long story short, my husband and I ended up buying a new Ford Fiesta [in lime squeeze … and we are calling it Slimer]. The reason I share this is because this whole story is how I ended up finding/hearing this week’s wedding song suggestion for our “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” post. Thanks to Ford‘s free 6-month trial with Sirius radio, we now get “Alt Nation” ~ an indie/hipster rock lovers dream.

During our drive back to DC yesterday, on came Death Cab for Cutie‘s “Stay Young, Go Dancing” and it made me instantly think of a wedding. This modern song would make a perfect first dance song, or be awesome for your wedding video.


Wedding appropriate lyrics include:

As the music plays
Feel our bodies’ sway
When we move as one
We stay young
(Go dancing)

Life is sweet in the belly of the beast

I never used to be a Death Cab for Cutie fan, but this song has got me thinking otherwise. I can just imagine a couple dancing a sweet, some-what upbeat first dance to this at their wedding reception. Agree?

In other news, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to a FULL week of some rather awesome blog posts! Thanks for reading!

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