Thanks to our very own DIY DC Bride, Emma ~ I get to share this awesomely unique engagement ring – a projector ring!

This cool, “geeky” projector engagement ring was created by Luke Jerram and jeweler Tamrakar for Jerram’s own wedding.

Inside the ring are tiny photographic portraits of the couple. When you shine a light through the ring, it projects the images out like a tiny projector. The ring was made by hacking apart a disposable camera to get the lens. The possibilities here for projection are endlesswhat would you project!?

From Jerram’s website:

In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection of miniature slides were made of different family portraits and inserted into the edge of the ring for projection. As Jerram’s family grows, photos of his children can be added to the ring. The ring was inspired by 19th Century Stanhopes.

This certainly takes nerd-chic to a whole new level. I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing Emma!


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