…And we are back with Part 2 of Corrie & Tim’s beautiful Shakespearean wedding at the Thomas Birkby House in Leesburg, Virginia. Today we have more tweets, twit-pics, details from Corrie and beautiful photography from Luke Eshleman Photography! Let’s get it on

A quick shot I snapped of Corrie meeting her guests ~ now officially a MRS!

LOVE this vintagey shot of Corrie & Tim inside the house

this shot is amazing, parasol in hand

so much adorable love in Corrie’s eyes as she looks at her husband!! (does it sound weird Corrie, because 9 months later and it still sounds weird to me haha)

Luke catches Corrie touching up a bit before heading outside for some really, really fantastic portrait shots, using old, vintage lawn tools

And now we wander outside for some seriously awesome portraits. Luke ~ you are a creative genius & photography god.

Read more to see Corrie’s adorable (DIY) cake toppers, DIY centerpieces, & more fromPart 2 of Corrie & Tim’s Leesburg, VA wedding.

 These next two shots of Corrie & Tim laughing are my absolute favorite. No amount of posed/styled photography could capture real moments & raw emotions like this. Seriously & insanely awesome.

In love with Corrie’s DIY wedding centerpieces!

CapitolRomance : 5:15pm 23 July Sneaking in the tent real quick before I go! Omg the centerpieces are awesome! #CorrieWeds http://yfrog.com/ki18792625j

Corrie explains how she made them:

 For my centerpieces I bought tall vases, river rocks, and bundles of bamboo from Target. The rocks weighted the vases and provided a base for the bamboo to stick into. I bundled sets of books tied with ribbon that reflected theatre and philosophy (for me and my fiance respectively). My friend had gotten married about a month before me and had bought lanterns from Ikea, so she gave some to me to complete the look.

For table numbers I bought large wooden numbers from Target and a craft store, painted them black, and glued select pages torn from my well worn copy of “Much Ado About Nothing” to their faces. After the wedding we let anyone who wanted them keep the centerpieces (minus the books which were from our library) do so, and they went so fast I didnt even have a chance to grab one!

My twitpic of the awesome centerpieces!

And of course I was IN LOVE with the white paper lanterns  & chandelier hanging in the tent!

CapitolRomance 5:16pm 23 July Chandelier in the tent. I love it. #CorrieWeds http://yfrog.com/hs4jgkuj

 Wedding Party entrance song was LCD Sound System “All My Friends” (how appropriate!)

Some awesome budget-saving tips on a DIY wedding cake from Corrie:

To save money on the cake, I went to Amphora Bakery and ordered two rounds and a full sheet cake (in different flavors – all of which are AMAZINGLY delicious). I wanted a simple white whipped buttercream frosting to match the look of my dress. I bought tier columns and a plate from a craft store and a gum paste flower from the bakery (to match the one I wore in my hair).

Amphora delivered the three cakes to my venue and I worked with the caterer to stack the two rounds and place the flower and toppers on top. After we cut the cake, the caterer served the sheet cake to the guests.

All in all, my DIY-style wedding cake costs less than a third what a basic wedding cake costs. (FYI: our rounds were chocolate raspberry and vanilla with strawberry buttercream, and the sheet cake was lemon with a lemon buttercream.)

 The INSANELY adorable first dance to one of my favorite bands, Say Anything, “I Want To Know Your Plans”. Perfect alternative first dance song. Seriously.

Corrie tossing her beautiful Wegman’s bouquet!

CapitolRomance: 5:21pm 23 July One final congratulations to @corrietweets and @Timstobrazil !! Officially married! :) #CorrieWeds … Now #corrieiswed

At 5:25 that evening, I ended my live-tweeting of Corrie & Tim’s wedding with some beautiful words:

CapitolRomance 5:25pm 23 July Annnd my thumbs are a little tired. #CorrieWeds

Congratulations again Corrie & Tim ~ I am so happy to have been giving the chance to meet you and witness (tweet!) your beautifully personal wedding. I hope we stay friends in the future :) A special thanks again to the wonderfully talented, Luke Eshleman Photography for sharing his insanely rad pictures with us!!


Location: (Prep, Ceremony, Reception): Thomas Birkby House – Leesburg, VA

Caterer: R&R Catering

Cake: Amphora Bakery

PhotographerLuke Eshleman

Videographer: Jason Stewart

Hair/Makeup: Connie Tsang

Wedding DressMoni’s Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way

Grooms/men Tuxedos: Joseph A Bank

Cocktail Hour String QuartetHot Club of DC

DJ: Morgan Williams

Officiant: Ken MacGowan (Corrie’s Godfather and long time family friend)

Day of Coordinator: Lawanna Burris, Owner Elle Concierge of DC Weddings

Seating Chart Assistance by http://www.socialtables.com

Guestbook by http://www.mixbook.com

Wedding Bands: “jewelrybyjohan” on Etsy

Gardenia Fascinator for Bride’s Hair: “WearableArtz” on Etsy

Bridal Veil: “abusymother” on Etsy

Cake Toppers: Wooden Bride and Groom look-a-likes painted by friend Amanda Maglione & banner of ribbon bunting made by bride



  1. you’d never know it was 114 degrees….. hahahah – Bree this is such an awesome recap of the wedding. you are amazing. it made my day to have you as part of our wedding. you = rock!

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