We’re starting our week “Hipster Style“, with this awesome engagement shoot at my favoritest of places (yes, I know I sound 5 years old when I write words like favoritest … deal with it) Glen Echo Park, MD!

I have posted on Glen Echo Park before (inspiration feature here) but I think I could post a shoot from here every day and still never get tired of it. It is seriously one of the COOLEST places that Washington, DC metro area has to offer. Especially to the nontraditional, offbeat, and hipster kids of this city.

Thanks to Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography, we get to see this insanely cool (and yes, totally hipster*) engagement shoot at Glen Echo Park with Erin & Karl!

*Please note: Hipster is not a bad word to me ~ I am a total self-proclaimed hipster. That is all.

A bit about Erin, Karl & their upcoming wedding:

Erin’s family lives in the Fredericksburg area while Erin and Karl are living in Louisville, Kentucky. Karl is in school to become a minister! We did their engagement session this past April and of course we had a few showers but that didn’t stop us from having a fun time!

This couple will be getting married in Fredericksburg, VA on June 5th at The Inn at Fredericksburg Square. There will be a polaroid “photobooth” set up at the reception as well!

Cannot WAIT to see the polaroid “photobooth !!!

thanks again to Lisa Marie, Sweet Tea Photography for sharing these images!

This shot of Erin & Karl dancing is my FAV!

Click inside to see the rest of this awesome Hipster Engagement Shoot!

Love Erin’s style & scarf … just love!

Haha! this next one is beyond adorable.

oooh! love the vintagey, dreamy color of this next shot!

Congratulations Erin & Karl ~ cannot wait to see what your wedding has in store!


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