I heart the Bouncing Souls. They are one of those punk bands that I will always love (even if they make songs like the Pizza Song). It could be the lead singer’s amazingly awesome voice, or the fact that they are proud New Jerseyians, or maybe it’s just that their music is so. damn. good.

So for this Monday‘s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck“, I give you a fantastic punk rock wedding song by the Bouncing Souls:

Big Eyes

Hey little girl don’t look so sad it’s not the end of the world
I’ve seen this film before, already know the ending
Some of the faces change but the plot it stays the same
So take my hand…
Take my hand…
So take my hand…
Let’s walk away

I, personally, think this would be an excellent alternative wedding song to use for a father daughter dance! But it could be used for other parts of your wedding as well! Enjoy!

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