This morning’s gorgeous engagement shoot comes from one of my new favorite Washington, DC wedding photographers, Megan Noonan Photography. Megan’s website is just the coolest, but that’s nothing compared to her rad photography skills.

Meet Saman & Sean.

I just flippin’ love this shot!! Seriously awesome and hilarious.

Saman shares with us how her and Sean first met:

We met while we were in our last semester of undergrad at University of Maryland, College Park. My friends and I were at a local bar, when Sean came up and asked me if I wanted to be in his group in class, no introduction or anything. I couldn’t help but laugh and agree. We spent the rest of the evening at the bar talking and laughing and he eventually introduced himself.

After graduation he spent the summer in Iran. That’s when we both started to realize that life without each other was kind of unbearable! When he came back, I had moved to Baltimore and we picked up our friendship right where we had left off? Until one fateful walk in Fells Point where we found a little wharf with a perfect view of the river and the iconic Domino Sugar
factory.  We spent hours there talking about anything and everything BUT our relationship.  Regardless, that night we both knew then that we had found something special.

Megan went with Saman & Sean to Sugarloaf Mountain (about an hour outside DC) to shoot their engagement shoot. The result was amazing.

Click inside to see more, hear about Sean’s lovely proposal, AND details on their upcoming wedding!

The proposal story:

Five years later … Sean planned a romantic and incredible evening in Baltimore. The evening started with a late lunch followed by surprise #1: a room overlooking the water at an adorable and hidden Waterfront B&B in Fells Point! Then we took a beautiful winter stroll to surprise #2: Charleston, for an unforgettable dinner!

After dinner, we jumped in a cab to what I was led to believe was the last surprise: a Christmas show at Center Stage. The show was special, but most shockingly and randomly because it had a classical Persian music interlude!

On our way back to Fells Point, we decided that the night was young and we should take a walk around our old stomping grounds. Our little walk took an adventurous turn, when we decided to brave some caution tape to end up at a little wharf that had become special to us 5 years before when we spent hours talking there and first realized that, hey, maybe we like each other ;)

So as we get to the wharf, I was overtaken by the beauty of the scene, so I HAD to take a picture. Of course I am completely oblivious that the REAL surprise is about to happen, and am fumbling for my phone. Sean began to say something. I looked at him, but I think the shock made it so that I could not understand what he was saying. In order to avoid any miscommunication, Sean pulled out the RING. Of course I understood then… to say I was excited is an understatement. An out of body experience is definitely a better description.

Needless to say, I said yes!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE ~ those paper hearts on the blanket are just awesome, and the smiles on their faces are refreshing!

Saman shares some inside details on their upcoming wedding:

We hope that our wedding will reflect our fun, relaxed personalities while also expressing our love for our family and friends and our Iranian culture.

Our ceremony will be a traditional Iranian wedding ceremony with a twist. We will be married in the garden of the Omni Shoreham hotel before a beautiful wedding spread or prepared by our families. In every detail from our save the dates, our centerpieces, to our cake and favors we have chosen to include handmade details and classic Persian elements to truly make it us.

Congratulations again to Saman & Sean ~ I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures!! Thank you again to Megan Noonan Photography for sharing these images with us!


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