Cecelia & Wasim’s Offbeat Washington DC Museum Engagement Session

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  • June 06, 2011

This afternoon’s real capitol romance feature comes to us from the ever-awesome Megan Noonan Photography. You might remember her from the crazy cool engagement shoot she shared with us a few weeks back of Saman and Sean (the couple “running” on the grass).

I’ve said it before ~ and I’ll say it again … as much as I love the monuments in DC, I get tired of seeing a million shoots in front of them ~ there are SO many other cool, funky, artsy, and alternative places in Washington, DC to have your engagement shoot – so I just LOVE when I find features that take advantage of those non-monument locations!

Cecelia & Wasim did just this.

Megan shares:

Cecelia went to Howard and Wasim went to Georgetown.  They met sometime at the end of college after having missed each other for years, although they both hung in the same social circles.  In my opinion, that’s called fate, or destiny…whichever you prefer.

[For Part 1 of their engagement shoot] we decided to go with a tennis themed shoot, since Cecelia has been playing tennis for years, and although Wasim isn’t the creme of the crop, he’s a true sportsman himself, having run track in college as well as playing football.  I was looking to capture their fun, competitive, and loving nature before making off to the museums to capture the more sophisticated, artistic side of them.

Now for Part 2 ~ Cecelia, Wasim, and Megan hit DC’s museums & get some fantastically cool shots…

Their wedding will be in October of this year at the awesome wedding venue, Hotel Palomar in Arlington, VA! I keep hearing ALOT about this place, so I cannot wait to see the pics!

Cecelia also shares some more details on the upcoming nuptials:

Our Colors: Navy Blue and Slate Gray (the guys will wear navy suits (no tuxes!) and the ladies will wear individually selected gray dresses (I believe that the bridesmaids should be able to show off their personalities and shouldn’t have to buy a dress that they’ll never wear again)

Well said Cecelia…. I could not agree more!

Our Flowers: Orchids. I’m not a fan of flowers at all, but I DO love orchids, so they will be the only flowers in the wedding. I’m not sure if the bridemaids and myself will carry bouquets (since I haven’t decided if it’s too girly for me or not) but the orchids will definitely be in the centerpieces.

We’ll have a cake, but I’m thinking about having an ice cream bar since ice cream is my one, true dessert love lol.

Our Music: Since Wasim is Bajan, and we want to celebrate his culture, lots of the music will probably be reggae, soca, etc

Seriously, how flippin’ cool is Cecelia … and it’s like she’s not even trying. America’s Next Top Model anyone?

In love with their style ~ and Cecelia’s boots!

Fantatsic shot … reflection shots like this are so cool.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this last picture and the next one … the colors!!

This last one is my FAVORITE ~ makes me think of Space Mountain! Congratulations Cecelia & Wasim, cannot wait to see your wedding pictures!

A special thanks again to Megan Noonan Photography for sharing these images!

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