I told my facebook followers (hey, are you a fan yet??) that this week was going to be a good one. I am fortunate to be featuring some of the coolest shoots, people, things, and projects this week – I just cannot wait!

We are starting things off with a BANG – with this breathtaking engagement shoot from Leo Druker Photography. Leo emailed me last week, saying some of the nicest things I have read since starting this blog. (Thanks Leo!) Plus ‘Leo Druker‘ is a badass name … PLUS the couple in this engagement shoot, are just drop dead gorgeous.

From Leo:

They met at The University of Georgia in 2003, where both of them played Division I sports (basketball for Buzz, soccer for Lena). They’re all about traveling, exotic places, new and interesting food, classic and indie movies when they have a chance, etc.

[Lena & Buzz’s] wedding is not until September, but it’s going to be amazing. The venue is a small b&b on the banks of the Potomac in Leesburg, so with the fall colors and the people, it should be pretty spectacular.

Their wedding is going to have an ‘east meets west’ kind of theme, since Buzz’s family is from Southern GA and Lena’s family is from Vietnam, so that should be interesting.

I already tried calling DIBS on their wedding pictures. Fall? Bed & Breakfast? East meets West? YES PLEASE!

This view is just breathtaking – and beautifully captured by Leo!

More from Leo: Lena & Buzz chose a beautiful fall day for their engagement session. The sun was out. There were fluffy white clouds in the sky. The leaves were in their peak color. It. was. perfect.

Leo continues to share: We started in Great Falls State Park in Virginia at 8:30 to photograph the beautiful fall colors, illuminated perfectly by the rising sun.


The light in these two shots is just so incredible! Seriously, it like warms my skin just looking at it!

Adore this one!

Leo suggested a change of scenery: We [then] headed to Washington, D.C., to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, where, thanks to Lena, we were able to get permission to shoot in the Salon d’Ore, a beautifully decorated and ornate room originally from France that is now a permanent exhibit in the gallery.











Like I said, STUNNING! Thank you SO much Lena & Buzz for allowing Leo to share your amazing shoot with us!! Also – thanks again to Leo Druker for the delightful shots! Cannot wait to see their wedding pics!


  1. I love the last shots at the museum! They totally resemble William & Kate’s official engagement pictures.

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