Early in December, Rebecca & Vince met with Debi (of Debi Parker Photography) to have their engagement shoot in the Manassas Battlefield. Uh … how freakin’ cool is that? They had their engagement shoot in a BATTLEFIELD people. Excuse my french, but … bad-ass. Also, there was a v-dub bus. My heart swoons.

Debi graciously shared with me a bit of background on this lovely couple:

When Vince, Rebecca and I were deciding on where to do their engagement photos Rebecca suggested the Manassas Battlefield because of a blog post of mine she had seen of some personal photos I had taken there.  It worked out really well because it was a beautiful fall day but just a little chilly.  We started off doing photos with their dog Bear and then we did some photos of just the two of them.  They were really laid back and we all just had a lot of fun.  Rebecca is so beautiful and her red jacket just popped against the background of the yellow grass and the blue sky.  We then went to Occoquan, VA.  It’s such a cute little town and we had a great time walking around there.  They were up for anything so when I saw the VW bus they sat down in front of it for me and I just love how that photo came out!  They made an enlargement of that photo and framed it to use at their wedding.  It looked so good!

Bear is so freakin’ adorable. And I am openly in love with Rebecca’s coat. And Debi’s pictures are gorgeous. AND JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE VW BUS!

Ok … enough from me, check out these awesome shots:

Rebecca is just stunning in this shot!

Hah! Vince’s face here is just too cute.

Someday I will own one of these, and only then I will be completely happy with life.

Impromptu dance party in the street anyone? Love it!

Congratulations Vince & Rebecca! Debi was already raving about their wedding pictures and I cannot WAIT to see them myself! Best of luck to the both of you.



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