So I realize this Glee-related song post won’t be for everyone … however the song I am featuring today could be used for non-glee fans as well. That being said, I have to admit that I am a bit of a Glee fan. Ok. That’s a lie – I LOVE Glee. I watch it every week, I have the songs on my ipod, I dissect every episode with my coworker, and I am 100% addicted to the ridiculousness, hilarity, and overall feel-good nature of the show.

A few episodes ago, there was a wedding on the show, and the song that is used for the walk down the aisle, to me, is just perfection. If you haven’t seen the show/episode, but are curious … then here is the video (which I will now watch again about 3 times):

Glee – I Think I Want to Marry You

I mean, how could you NOT want to dance down the aisle to this song after watching that video? Ok … maybe dancing down the aisle isn’t for you … but if it is, and you end up using this song for it, PLEASE (I beg you) let me know!

For those that prefer just the song:

And for the non-glee peeps, the original song is actually by Bruno Mars:



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