Cameron & Morgan

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again … the thing that keeps me insanely happy right now is finding photographers in this area that not only love what I am trying to accomplish with my blog, but are 100% in-line with finding the same kind of people in this area to photograph!

Enter Erin Lassahn. An effortlessly cool wedding & portrait photographer in the DC Metro Area. I can’t lie (and I have already told Erin this) but I was hooked on her/her photography from her logo! I LOVE sparrows. I also remember loving her about me because it was just so honest, admitting that she didn’t always dream of being a wedding photog like some other about me sections claim.

I am so excited (and always, honored) to share her pictures from an engagement shoot she shot recently in Rock Creek Park & Dupont Circle. Now                       let’s meet Morgan & Cameron:

Morgan and Cameron were college sweethearts. Really – they met the first day of their freshman year on the same floor of the same dorm. After graduation they moved to Mount Pleasant, D.C. to pursue careers in media, sharing the joy and stress of their capitol city lives. After a few years of growth together, Cameron finally popped the question on a visit to Morgan’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana (asking her parents’ permission first, of course) on Mardi Gras, no less. Because the wedding would naturally be ‘on the bayou’, they wanted to celebrate their engagement where they had grown together and worked with Erin Lassahn to paint them in their urban home. What they got was a perfect blend of their life, work, and home away from home

Happy Thursday Romancers – take it away Erin, Cameron, & Morgan…



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