This was an idea that I had, and actually used, for my own wedding. I was trying to find an alternative to the traditional corsage that you would have your mother and soon to be mother in law wear.  I felt corsages were a bit out of date and that they were more suitable for a grandmother. Also, I did not have flowers, so I would have had to make some sort of corsage myself.

Naturally I tried Googling “corsage alternatives” and most hits were on how to make your own DIY corsages, not necessary on something completely different. Some sites mentions brooches or pins … but I still wanted something completely different.

Finally, it hit me. A clutch purse! I thought it would be not only a great alternative, but a useful one for the day of the wedding and for in the future! Next I ran (or I guess surfed) right on over to Etsy to find some adorable clutch options for the moms. I ended up getting my adorable pleated wristlet clutches from Syl2830. She was so awesome to work with (as mostly all Etsy artists are) and easily customized the clutches to my color scheme.

Check out some of her adorable purses:

These purses would also make great bridesmaid gifts! Check out Syl’s shop or any other of the numerous, wonderful clutch makers on Etsy!



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