Happy Valentine’s Day Capitol Romancers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a great day today celebrating with someone they love.  Check back this afternoon for this week’s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck”.

For anyone in the Philadelphia area, my sister is currently directing a show, “Big Love”.  It is a fabulous play that contains some amazing themes of love and humanity, that I thought were oh so pertinent to Valentine’s Day, weddings, and relationships in general.

The play tells the story of an epic journey of 50 brides that are fleeing from 50 grooms that they have been forced to marry.  The ensuing story that unfolds forces the audience to reflect on ancient and current themes of justice, revenge, and the enduring power of love. If you have a chance to see it – it runs through the 20th! More information here: http://sct.temple.edu/blogs/news-events/2010/12/10/feb-9-20-temple-theaters-presents-big-love/

I might be biased (since the Director IS my sister) but it was certainly one of the most fascinating pieces of art that I have ever seen … It is really one of those shows that almost requires a second viewing but I wanted to share some of the elements that I found most captivating. The play explores all sorts of types of love: first love, mature love, passionate love, familial love, and societal love. It also encourages us to think about truth, integrity, faith, traditional, and self-identity as it thrives with or without the presence of love.

All the different things that happened in this play reiterated my feelings that I have in regards to weddings – and how if every single person experiences life, love and relationships differently, then how can all weddings be the same? They shouldn’t be and I refuse to believe that we can’t find more examples of that in this city.

The play has enlightened me to take a look at my own relationships and feelings I have in regards to weddings and other peoples relationships and it has strengthened my resolve to portray and feature people on this blog from all walks of life. Here’s hoping I can succeed in my venture!

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