Jamie & Colin’s Union Station Engagement Session in Washington, DC

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  • December 12, 2011

An adorable Union Station engagement session in Washington, DC for you this afternoon from Andrea Ream Photography.

Jamie & Colin’s Union Station Engagement

I know I have probably talked before about Union Station [and my love for it]. How we almost had our wedding reception there and how it makes for an amazing indoor engagement session location. Well, apparently Jamie, Colin & Andrea agreed and so I am sure, will you after you see their adorable e-session!

A bit about Colin & Jamie and how they met:

We met at X-Sport gym in Alexandria, VA. I (Jamie) had seen him (Colin) several days before I finally approached him. When I walked up to Colin I asked him to “stop moving around so much, in the gym, because it was really hard to stalk him, and there weren’t very many good looking guys to look at.” He looked at me like I was crazy, so I walked away because I figured he had a girlfriend.

A few minutes later he came over and apologized for not saying anything. He said he thought I was yelling at him, not trying to hit on him. He introduced himself. A few days later I invited him and his friend to go to a local bar and watch hockey playoffs with a girl friend of mine and me. They came and invited another friend. He is unfortunately a Philadelphia Flyers fan and I am a Washington Capitals fan and both teams were playing so we talked crap to each other the entire night. A few days later we went on our first date and had a good time and good conversation, he was different, very easy to talk to.

He blew me off for 2 months until I texted him “gelato or lose my information.” He wrote back “gelato.” From there we started seeing each other, two months later we started officially dating and then two months later we were engaged.

I guess some things are just meant to be – plus I love Jamie’s ultimatum :)

Click inside for the rest of Jamie & Colin’s Washington, DC Union Station engagement session & their proposal story!

The proposal:

Colin proposed in a way that was fitting for the way we met. I got home from work and he was there waiting for me. There was a box of roses by the door and Colin was laughing. He asked me if we were going to the gym. I was tired from work so I just sat down on the couch with him.

For an hour he asked me several times what the decision was on the gym. After one of our shows was over I said that I wanted to go to the gym. I walked into my bedroom and to my surprise there was a rose and ring in a box on my bed. I gasped and walked back into the living room. He said “so I assume that is a yes?” I said “are you going to ask me?” He then said “Will you marry me?” To this day saying that still sends chills through my body and makes me smile.

My response was “yes, of course.” It was just like Colin to do something very low key. I thought it was fitting since we were headed to the gym, which by the way we never made it to because of course we had to call our family and friends and update our facebook statuses to “engaged.”


Colin & Jamie have already started their wedding planning!

To date we have planned many things for our wedding. We know that we are going to get married at St. Ann’s Church in North Arlington, Virginia. The reception will follow at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. We plan to invite about 150 guests. I plan to have 7 bridesmaids to include family and friends. Colin plans to have 7 groomsman, to include his cousin and friends.

The theme of the wedding is hockey but the colors are red, white and blue (because we are both patriotic; and red is my favorite color and blue is his). We know what we want our tablecloths, napkins, bar, centerpieces and set-up to look like. We still have a ton of things to do and both are very excited to plan it together.

Congratulations Colin & Jamie and best of luck on the rest of the planning of your Washington, DC wedding!! A special thanks again to Andrea Ream Photography for sharing these images of a beautiful Union Station engagement session!

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