A Christmas Tree Farm Love Shoot

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  • December 05, 2011

Prepare to have your eyes melt with this gorrrrrrrrgeous Christmas Tree Decorating love shoot from Abby Grace Photography. My husband and I bought a real Christmas tree for the first time this year, and we decorated it last night – I was SO happy! I really love decorating a Christmas tree – mostly because I love the memories and conversation that surround the ornaments you pick out of the boxes and place on the tree. Each one brings a certain anecdote, emotion, and story to it – and it really makes for a wonderful evening of reminiscing with family [or friends!]

I’ll talk more about my own tree decorating on Wednesday when I share the DIY ruffled tree skirt I made yesterday, but for now, I’ll let the talented Abby Grace Photography take it from here.

Shawn and Ashley were married in June of 2010 and, due to an unfortunate series of events, ended up having their wedding photographer switched on them the morning of their wedding. They won a photo session with another area photographer last year and decided to make fall/Christmas photos a yearly thing. Ashley and I were roommates in college so I was SO excited when she called me up for this year’s shoot! I suggested decorating a Christmas tree on a tree farm, so we met up at Krop’s Crops for our session. Photographing Shawn and Ashley was an absolute breeze- when you have a couple as in love as these college sweethearts, I really don’t end up having to do much work. It was awesome!

Remember last week when we talked about doing something for your engagement shoot? Well here is another perfectly executed example of this. I know you guys are going to love this one! Plus, it is SURE to put you in the Holiday spirit if you aren’t just yet!

** PS- apologies for the picture heavy post – but there were just WAYY too good to cut back **

Read more to see the rest of this beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration love shoot from Abby Grace Photography!

I am in LOVE with these next frames …

And this one should be in a magazine. LOVE!

Thank you SO much Abby for sharing such a beautiful shoot with us – I LOVE all these pictures so much. They are such a beautiful reflection of the time of year and of a couple’s true love for eachother. They LITERALLY warm me up :)





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