This one is for the bridesmaids … I actually did this when I was the co-maid of honor in my sister’s wedding back in 2008. When it came time to start planning things for my sisters’ wedding, I had an idea, why not start a simple blog for the Bridesmaids. An easy place where all the ladies of Jill’s bridal party could go for information, reminders, and to share in the planning of Jill’s wedding!

Apparently I was a blogger at heart, before I really knew it!

Jill’s Bridal Beauties Bridesmaids’ Planning Blog:

On the blog we were able to plan her bachlorette party, our bridesmaids dresses, and her shower! Then, when the wedding date was coming up, I asked everyone to leave their final wishes for Jill and I made the blog into a book using Picaboo – so she could see all the background planning we had done, and she could keep it as a memento.

Here is how the blog turned book, came out:

 An explanation on the title page was for Jill. She had NO idea we had done this whole blog thing, and we gave her the the book the day before her wedding when we were getting our nails done.

 This was from when we had picked a shower date and our bridesmaids dresses! All the information on ordered and time lines and pricing was kept here.

 I added pictures from her bridal shower and everyone else shared pictures from their own cameras here too!

I ended the blog AND the book with asking all the bridesmaids to leave final wishes for Jill. At this point, more of her friends had been added to the blog too – as we planned her bachlorette party.

And so I propose this idea for you bridesmaids out there [or hey, equal opportunity – groomsmen too!] to use a blog to organize your planning for the respective bride or groom.

And as always, let us know if you end up doing this!!

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