Gaslight Anthem was a band that I just happened to see as an opener for a show at the Black Cat. I don’t usually enjoy bands live when I don’t know any of the lyrics, but Gaslight Anthem put on an AMAZING show, and I was quickly hooked.

The lead singer sounds like a younger, new age Bruce Springsteen and the lyrics are anything but basic.

And oh, ain’t it just like you want to
And oh, ain’t it just like you always wanted to

Every night waiting
So long without you

Personally this song is on our wedding video ~ so I cannot help but now see the part of our video in my mind every time I hear this song. But I think other people might be able to use it as pre-ceremony music, cocktail hour music, or on their own video. It might even be a great choice for a modern or alternative first dance song. Check it out:

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