Capitol Romance: Lauren & Justin’s DC Bookstore Engagement Session

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  • April 07, 2011

Today’s Capitol Romance feature has Washington, DC flavor smothered all over it (ok that sentence just made me hungry…) This adorable couple, shot by the lovely Alison Hathaway of Red Shoes Photography, had their cute and quirky e-shoot at a bookstore on Capitol Hill.

I love book store shoots – so much potential for unique and offbeat shots, angles, and the ability to use the books as props.

Alison shares:

Lauren and Justin are getting married this summer and I am so excited for them! They are such a fun couple and we went to some really sweet places for their [engagement] session. We started off at Riverby Books on East Capitol street and then meandered down Eastern Market (how awesome is that *love* painting?!) and ended up at Peregrine Espresso, the site of their first date (and site of my favorite cappuccino in DC). I am so looking forward to shooting their wedding this summer!

Lauren let us in on the inside scoop!!:

Justin and Lauren have had a quick romance, but one that is most certainly true love. The two met at a “housecooling” party (it was so warm that a housewarming party would just be too hot) last summer hosted by a mutual friend, where Lauren caught Justin’s eye.

Over the next month, the two Facebook stalked each other, and found themselves at more parties together, where Lauren’s friend worked to convince Justin to try out a new iPhone app called Bump, which exchanges contact info by bumping your phones together. Justin caught the hint and “Bumped” with Lauren. He texted the next day, and they’ve been talking every day since. Technology has clearly played a pivotal role in the spark of their relationship!
It’s no wonder- Justin works for an internet startup and Lauren writes a blog called Stamp 48 and has started a financial consulting company targeted toward indie designers and handmade artists.
The two will be married Memorial Day weekend and will settle in Washington DC.
Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog Romancers – it is dangerously awesome.


Best of luck to you both and thank you again to Alison of Red Shoes Photography for sharing with us!!!



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  • Joan Blase says:

    LAUREN!! Your mom sent this to me and I am so loving looking at these pictures! You are so grown up now and so very beautiful. You will be a fabulously gorgeous bride! So wish I could see you walk down that isle. You look so happy with Justin. I know he is a loving and compasionate person because you picked him to be your husband. I wish you nothing but happiness, good health, and success. Love you, Grandma Joan

    P.S. Justin….hugs to you!

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