This afternoon I am excited to bring you some insight from a professional wedding & event hair stylist on Spring/Summer 2011 Wedding Hair Trends. You might remember Jewel Hair Design from the “vendor spotlight” we did on her way back at the beginning on my blog’s life (if not, check it out here).

Julie is insanely talented and in addition to being an amazing stylist, she writes for as a “Hair Style Examiner” for the Baltimore area, including professional insight on hair styling tips and products (check her articles here).

Be sure to checkout her website or become a fan of hers on facebook . Also, just in case you don’t believe me …. if you are interested in booking Julie for your wedding, you can read her raving reviews here. Ok – enough from me … bring it Julie!

A lot of brides this season are going for soft looks. Vintage is very popular right now, so many brides are trying to incorporate modern with their vintage themes.

Now I know those two categories are opposites. By Vintage/Modern I mean that the whole overall look needs to feel classic, but can still be modern by the way the hairstyle is placed. A few things that would set the hairstylist apart to make it feel classic and vintage would be adding certain things into the modern up-do.

Small things like:

  • Waves that lay on the top of the up do or waves the join from the sides softly into the up do
  • Adding pin curls and or barrel curls to the up do or sides will also set it apart

Styles that are also in right now are low chignons , high buns, and side updos.

Each and every bride is different, so I find as a hairstylist that I should take each brides over all look into consideration before I recommend the perfect hairstyle for her. Its also important that brides find a hairstylist who can incorporate all the things they have found that they like ( as far as hair pictures and ideas) and make them into a special hairstyle that is complementary to them in every way. Example: Life style, face shape, accessories…etc.

Thanks for sharing with us Julie!!!


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