Images: So Tender is Humanity

Does anyone feel like we are stuck in this weird time period now where we just feel stuck? Things seem to get better a little, good news, diverse Cabinet and Federal government positions, more and more friends and family getting vaccinated – but then also the fear surrounding the J&J vaccine, never ending police shootings of unarmed Black folx, and the uneasiness of wondering when things will ever feel settled again.

Our eyes right now are on trying to have something of a birthday party for Evie’s 6th birthday, and hoping to the ether that the kids go back to school full time in August … I guess we’ll see.

For now – it’s back to love, light, and smiles.

We did a fun and romantic styled shoot with a couple who are dear friends of ours. Andrew is a surfer, and Assateague is a popular surfing destination on the East Coast, so we wanted to include outdoor adventure elements. The beautiful natural light from the golden hour, combined with the dramatic light we used for night portraits, made for a fun, colorful, and edgy session. We also used fun rainbow light and did a double exposure of the stars to create a mysterious “galaxy” image. We love how it turned out to be very artsy and intimate.

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