Images: Naderi Photography

I feel like I’m turning a corner. After last week’s Inauguration went off without a hitch, and hearing Amanda Gorman’s beautiful poem, I feel about 10lbs lighter. On top of that, my parents, and most of my aunts & uncles, have been able to receive their first dose of the COVID vaccine. It gives me hope that we’ll be able to see family, in person again, this summer (fingers crossed). So aside from today’s dreary weather, things are looking up!

Today’s styled shoot reminds me so much of Patapsco Female Institute in Ellicott City, MD. It is such a unique, and beautiful outdoor venue, and this styled shoot could easily be transported there.

We have brought life back to the dead remains of these villages. Refinement, elegance, and modernity were our guidelines for this shoot. The village is one of the nine French villages destroyed in the First World War, and one of six that was never rebuilt. It’s now a memorial place.

Even though a few houses, and a handful of permanent residents remain, the village is classified as having “died for France”. The idea was to imagine the life that once existed in these villages.


Photographer: Naderi Photography | Venue: Private Residence | Florist: Lovely Instants | Beverages: Fox Drinks | Dress Boutique: Eternelle Boutique | Suit: FERALA |

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