Images: In Love & Adventure Photography

There really aren’t a lot of words to be said right now. I am tired, I am infuriated, I am stressed, I am scared. And all of this from the White privileged, upper class bubble that I live in, so I can’t even begin to understand the levels of these feelings that people of color currently have. As usual for me, I struggle to get back to blogging, to finding meaning in this business, when the world is this sad and scary. But I guess we all need some, small breaks that center on smiling, love, nature, safety … anything other than the current state of this country.

The inspiration for a hiking adventure elopement styled shoot came from couples who don’t necessarily want to have a “traditional” wedding day, but not sure what else to do for their wedding day. Having a hiking adventure elopement is an alternative for adventurous couples who value experiences over the stuff and fluff from a traditional wedding. Instead of the couple focusing on linens, they can focus on what epic scenery they’d like to explore.

We included details such as the two matching backpacks (which are needed for any hike, especially hiking elopements where a change of clothes is necessary), champagne toast, DIY cardboard cut outs of “Just Eloped” signs, and a ceremony in the middle of the woods.


Photographer: In Love & Adventure Photography | Venue: Loch Raven Reservoir | Florist: Spring Valley Farm |

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