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It was a crazy weekend – but a good bit of fun. Evie & I took a train up and back from DC to NYC to see Frozen on Broadway with her cousins, Aunts, grandpa & grandbee. Seeing her on the edge of her seat the entire performance was ADORABLE, and we only had ONE major meltdown (because she couldn’t go on the stage lol). Sunday we caught up on sleep, emails, and enjoyed the weather with a nice 7 mile run & a trip to the playground! Another busy week is ahead (when is it not a busy week?), and I’m only slightly freaking out about how fast February is going to fly.

I’m a day late for our typical Monday engagement session features, and this one takes place up in Baltimore – not our normal feature region, but the details, love & laughter in this one just felt too perfect for our blog, to pass up. So take it away Allison, Tucker, & the adorable sites of Baltimore.

From the Photographer:

Tucker and Allison are Maryland transplants but have completely embraced and fallen in love with Baltimore. For their engagement session, we chose to go to some of their favorite places- Union Craft Brewery and The Sandlot. The Sandlot was closed for the season, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We were able to catch a gorgeous, glowing sunset over the inner harbor and played around on the swingset. Their airstream trailer was a killer backdrop as well. The brewery is one of their favorite spots to drop by after they go rock climbing next door. WE stopped in front of their killer mural wall to add a little funk to their dressier outfits. Alison’s outfit had a few special touches. She wore a right hand ring that Tucker designed with a stone from a river connecting their two childhood homes. They’ll have a June wedding in their hometown of Boone, North Carolina.

We met in middle school, at a dear friends bat mitzvah party. The first connection came while playing soccer in a field with a bunch of friends from the celebration – Tucker let Allison borrow his belt and she conveniently forgot to give it back. Years later he wore that same belt as he dropped to a knee and asked if she wanted to go on adventures with him for the rest of their lives.  We spent some time together early in our friendship doing things like snowboarding, going on “friend dates” and being there for each other through the years of middle and high school. After high school Tucker went to App State, and Allison NC State, but we kept in touch through the years apart.Tucker had always had an eye for Allison, but she was too stubborn to look back at him, until the very end of college, when it all felt right. They started dating with a deadline of “6 months” because Tucker was moving, either North to Baltimore or moving far away to the West Coast. Allison convinced him to start dating by saying, “It’ll be the best 6 months of your life” and she was right – it just kept getting better.Knowing we loved each other and loved adventuring life with each other, we took a big step to move in together in Baltimore, Maryland after Allison graduated a year after Tucker.

We have built a wonderful home there with two sweet kittens, a bunch of plants, and some amazing friends.It’s so special to us that we have two homes together. Weaverville, North Carolina, and Baltimore, Maryland – but it didn’t feel right to get married anywhere else but our small-town hometown of Weaverville, NC, where our story truly began.So far, it has been the “best 6 months” 7 or 8 times over and we are so excited for the rest of our “6 months” together.

We were driving down to Boone, NC to stay a couple nights at Tucker’s parents condo before driving over to Asheville for a home-cation. However, this wasn’t the original plan. Tucker’s best friend was supposed to get married that day, but due to Hurricane Florence they had to reschedule. As we were arriving in Boone it was about 4pm and the outer rings of the hurricane were hitting us. Tucker said, “I want to go on a hike!” Allison was a little skeptical of why on Earth he wanted to go on a hike right now, but agreed after he rationalized that this would be the only time we would be able to see the Blue Ridge Mountains since the storm was just going to get worse. So, we’re headed to the hiking spot and the road to get there was closed. Allison was ready to go to the condo and get some dinner, but Tucker insisted he wanted to go on the hike. So, we put on our hiking boots and rain jackets (and one little box went into a sock) and started walking on the closed road towards an overlook. During our mile walk to the viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway we talked about us and our future.  It was just the two of us, in the mountains that we love so much, where Tucker dropped down to one knee and asked if Allison would marry him and go on adventures for the rest of our lives. There was laughter and tears and outpouring of love.One of the best parts was that we were able to enjoy the moment by ourselves. We stayed on the viaduct for a while and talked and hugged and stared at that ring (!!!) then had an hour of walking back to the car and driving to the condo before we told anyone. It was all so perfect.

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