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It wasn’t a restful weekend to say the least. Andy & I are still catching up from the insanity of last week, a still-sick Conrad, a like impending sick Evie, and trying to clean up Christmas … and find some time to relax & exercise. Conrad gave us one of his unicorn nights on Friday (aka he slept the night … it doesn’t happen often), which was just enough sleep to get us through the 1am to 4am party we had with him on Saturday night. Oiy vey. But infant sleeping issues aside, we got some things done, I clocked a 6mile run in, and I prepped this awesome engagement session to hit your screens bright and early Monday. Here’s hoping we can get back to SOME sort of a routine this week. Happy Monday Romancers, take it away Susan and Darryl!

Susan and Darryl met at work. “Who made the first move?” I asked

“He tried to pick me up, first,” says Susan

“No I didn’t!” Darryl declares, “You hit on me first! Remember?”

He begins to imitate Susan,”I need some help working out. Could you be my personal trainer?” They both burst into laughter which happened often during their session. The chemistry between these two was palpable. They laughed easy, stole kisses, and doted on each other the entire time.


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