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Happy Monday Romancers. Hot damn did we have a productive weekend over at the Ryback household. My parents came to town and we did ALL THE THINGS. A visit with Santa, a wonderful Saturday morning spent volunteering with Wreaths Across America, and then baking alllllll of the Christmas cookies. Andy got so much stuff done around the house too – man, I wish my parents could come down every weekend ;) The only thing we didn’t seem to accomplish much was sleep, as Evie still seems to be on a sleep strike (send help).

We’ve got an adorable Annapolis, MD engagement session to kick off the week. I have a feeling, from a political standpoint, it’s going to be a rough one, so let’s at least start it with love, shall we?

Kattya and Adam were introduced through a family member. Kattya described that Adam  is a kind and caring person.

He was the first man in her life to show her that she was worth everything.

They wanted a fall themed engagement session as they are getting married next October. Their engagement session took place at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland, and then they decided to do a stroll through downtown Annapolis. Annapolis is where Adam spent a lot of his childhood. He enjoys spending time with Kattya here. They are getting married next October at Walkers Overlook in Walkersville, MD.


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