Images: Maria Fasih Photography

Hey Romancers! I’m back for now. A week in Vermont with some needed unplugging, TONS of family time, and Fall temperatures. I took yesterday off to catch up on life and am getting back to the normalcy (normal for my life lol). Today I have a really cool engagement session for you, shot at the Leesburg airport because the couple both work for an International airline! I love these images and also their love story is so real. A great thing to take a small break from the insanity of the news, to think about <3

My husband and I have been together for about 3 and 1/2 years now. It’s a long time to some people and a very short amount. of time in other’s opinion but it’s a wonderful thing. So how did we meet? In an airport…in Washington Dulles airport… Wanna hear the story? erm, READ the story? Here goes: Him and myself worked at the same airport since 2011 I believe so seen each other couple of times pass by each other but never said a word. In my mind: “he is very different then other guys “, oh well who cares ! :) And for him I think he never showed any interest. As fate would have it, he ended up working for the same company I work and we ended up talking to each other off course work related & we use to go out for company schedule meetings , dinner or lunch.

It all started there. We talked forever! and were 1 year apart in age. We had almost everything opposite you can imagine – nothing common I guess that’s why they say opposite attracts …

Came back together and he just like any other fairy tale story he proposed me in New York this time we ended together forever and for married. I guess again it was all in fate !

For those of you who have lost your faith in miracles, magic, prayer, etc….wonderful things DO happen and at the times you least expect them. Neither of us have imagined he is going to be my husband or she is going to be my wife. I remember working together I always use to check him out staring out the walls at the airport thinking, “Oh God, he’s staring at me…just keep looking at the walls ” It was amazing..

We have been married now for 10 months. Now !! They say marriage isn’t easy, they were right. We fight, we argue, we laugh, we cry but in the end we get through it all. There’s no one else I would rather go through this all with. One year down, many more to go. I love him more than words could ever explain.

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