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Happy Tuesday Romancers – sorry for being a day late with your weekly engagement pictures post! The weekend got the best of me, with J&P’s wedding on Saturday, an 8 mile run that killed my legs, and a non-sleeping Toddler … well it wasn’t exactly a restful weekend. We also got together with my sisters last night for dinner and had WAY too much fun over in Arlington :) Looking forward to slowly easing into the week and catching up on things: namely, SLEEP.

Two people fell in love all because of a karaoke bar and a jello shot…. We were both at The Waltz Inn for birthday parties of different friends. It was getting later in the night and things tend to get [black out] rowdy at the Waltz. If you’ve ever been to the Waltz, you’ve probably had a jello shot at one point – you just may not remember. My friend Nick was passing out jello shots and took one with whipped cream and smashed it in my face. Well I thought it would be a great idea to wipe my face off on the shirt of the stranger to my right (sorry, Pat)! The guy ended up being there with Lee and his friends…. Lee’s version of the next part of the story was that he wasn’t sure how Pat was going to react, so he intercepted and bought me a beer. We ended up talking for the rest of the night and before I left, Lee told me (this is my favorite part) to grab a pen and paper and take down his number…. because, ya know, cell phones couldn’t take numbers or anything

The proposal:

I like to think I’m the planner in the relationship, but Lee proved me wrong for sure. He planned a scavenger hunt and incorporated key milestones and people in the hunt throughout the day! About four weeks before he proposed, he had his little brother (our best man) text to say that he would like to come for a visit – I jumped at the text because he never gets up this way. The day of the proposal, Lee was nervous that I knew something was up so he picked a fight in the morning that made me so mad I was holding a grudge well into the afternoon. We had a football game that ended up running late – we got home from the game and I sat down to eat lunch and catch up on an episode of Dance Mom. Lee “ran out” to clean up his car before Logan and Jess arrived.

Mid episode, I hear this loud banging at the door – I open the door to find my little sister Katie (maid of honor) and my brother in law Matt (groomsmen) at the door. Katie hands me the first of many envelopes and it’s a letter from Lee explaining how the day was going to go…. I was going to spend the day taking a trip visiting key places in the last four years of our relationship. He would give me clues, but I had to try and figure out each place and if I got stumped, Matt and Katie had clues to help me along the way. Of course The Waltz Inn was included in the day – The Waltz actually opened an hour early and I wasn’t allowed to leave until I took a jello shot and sang “Going to the Chapel.” The final stop was our favorite restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen. When I pulled up, all of the people who were part of the day plus additional family and friends were there for the moment! Lee got down on one knee, I almost knocked the box out of his hand, and the rest is history.

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