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I was a very bad blogger last week. Correction, I was a really bad business owner last week all around. We haven’t had much down time over here and we had a sick kiddo last weekend that poured into the week and I was strugggggggling to stay afloat. Will try and make it up to you this week as we’ll be off next week as Andy and I take our first kid-less trip to ICELAND. But there is sooo much to do before then. Prepping for Evie’s 2nd birthday party, starting to get our house ready to sell (omg), and you know, all the other every day things going on, including gearing up for the insanity of May wedding season.

Well, we’ll sleep when we’re retired right? For today though, we are kicking the week off RIGHT with a Harry Potter themed engagement session. Marauder’s map, wands, a massive clock tower, and adorable house-themed scarves – love. Here we go!

We don’t really have a cute “how we met” story – we met via a mutual friend and Billy was actually kind of a jerk to me when we first met! Our engagement story is pretty cute though, so I’ll stick with that.

The proposal:

I travel a few days each month for work and Billy proposed to me one night when I came home after being away for a few days. When I walked into our apartment, I didn’t see Billy and our puppy, Pluto, on the couch where they normally are. I went to put my suitcase in our bedroom and when I opened the door, Billy and Pluto were sitting on the bed. Pluto ran out of the bedroom to the couch and when I went over to say “hi” to him, I noticed there was something stuck to his collar. It was a folded Post-it note asking if we could be a “five-ever” family (because five-ever is longer than forever, obviously).

When I turned around, Billy was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was so shocked that he had to ask me to marry him twice! When the excitement was over, I realized that I completely missed the ring box and two vases of roses right on the kitchen counter – I was so excited to see Pluto that I didn’t even notice them – Billy is never going to let me live that down!




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