Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I am off standing in solidarity with women in DC and women all over the US that are celebrating International Women’s Day, by recognizing a strike called A Day Without A Woman (more here:

While there are countless articles about this strike, who it’s for, and who it harms, I am lucky to be a privileged woman that can use paid time off, and her nanny for day-care, so that I can take this day. I recognize my privileged ability here and plan to use the day to support causes I believe in, and woman-owned businesses in Washington, DC.

Whether you plan to partake or not, there is no judgement here. Do whatever makes the most sense for you – and acknowledge how awesome it is to get to make that choice for yourself. For those of you taking the day, I’ll hopefully see you at the 12pm Planned Parenthood Rally at the Capitol, or the 3:30pm Women Workers Rising event downtown. Hope to see you guys there!

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