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Where do I even begin with this weekend guys? Certainly more to write about than my 3 sentence blog post opener for the week. The highs are high and the lows are still low, but the marches on Saturday have given me new energy, new spirit, new drive. It was quite literally a tonic for my soul and I feel like I now have the fire I need to get moving on my 2017 word: action. Longer blog post on the weekend will come, but for today, as always, let’s start our week with love.


The first place is where the story starts; at FedBid Inc where both Christina and Hunter worked. Despite being on opposing teams of the company (and both being in other relationships), a friendship formed over chocolate pudding cups, specialty teas, stolen teddy bears, dominoes, sushi, and movie recommendations. Before long, people around the office began to talk, wondering exactly what was going on.

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The second place is Wolftrap National Park, where Christina and Hunter attended a Jill Scott concert together as friends on July 15th 2013. On the green lawn of the venue, before the end of the concert they had admitted that there was something more than friendship there. Three days later (after someone had broken things off with her boyfriend) they were dating. They have been inseparable ever since.The third place is Manhattan, where Christina moved to pursue her Masters, with full support from Hunter. Over two years, dozens of four hour bus rides up and down the stretch between DC and NY as well as hundreds of late-night Skype dates only made the heart grow fonder; as distance is known to do.


Manhattan would become an even more special place for the two of them on February 13th 2016, when after a romantic evening on Broadway, Hunter proposed to Christina in the room he had reserved at the top of the W hotel in New York.The pair returned to Wolf Trap a few months later, and in a private ceremony surrounded by the woods on all sides, they made their union legally official.

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This year they intend to cement that union publicly, in front of their family and friends, and usher in one more special place: the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.


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