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Images: Bombs Over Betty Photography via Two Bright Lights

Well another weekend has come and gone. Andy & I survived a trip to IKEA yesterday and it was nice to kind of just “be” around DC this weekend. We watched Spotlight on Friday and then Saturday night we enjoyed dinner & some beers on our deck … even with an uninvited guest hanging out. Yesterday I made Andy takes some promo snaps of the new additions to our online store – more Capitol Romance Wedding Planners, but this time in Purple & Teal! We are first completing our VERY FIRST wholesale agreement (!!) with the new colors and will then have the additional binders up in the shop, ASAP. I can’t wait for you to see them!

For today we have an adorable, laid-back Baltimore, MD engagement session. I love the smiles & laughter in this shoot and just how comfortable the two are with each other and in front of the camera. Plus the bride to be is a Harry Potter fanatic. Need a I say more? Just what I needed to get this week going.

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How they met:

Jeremy and I grew up 5 minutes from each in Edison, NJ. Whenever I tell people that they seem surprised we weren’t high school sweetheart or something – easy explanation. We didn’t really roll with the same crowds! He was a jock and I loved math. Jeremy swears I must have knew who he was as “he was kind of a big deal” but honestly, I just really loved math, hated sports and wasn’t even allowed to date in high school!

It wasn’t until my sophomore year at Rutgers University when a mutual friend introduced us, I’ll never forget the first night we met in the basement of a gross Rutgers fraternity. We bonded over our foreign parents and loveeee for 1/2 priced appetizers at Applebee’s.

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A few weeks later after collecting all of our quarters we had our first date at approximately 10:01pm. We shared 8 appetizers and 2 waters. Jeremy recently told my friends he knew he had met the love of his life when I ordered 4 apps on a first date. #FOODISLIFE

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Read more for the rest of this adorable Maryland engagement session, love story & proposal details!

The proposal story:

Jeremy’s proposal was so sweet poor kid really put some effort into this ………… here it is! It was the Tuesday before Memorial Day when Jer called on his drive home from work to let me know he had Thursday and Friday off (YAY LONG WEEKEND!!!) which was grrrreat, but I already made plans to visit the the Blacksauce food truck and later the Waffle Man at the Fells Point Market (I should really learn his name, I love him). Jeremy wanted to drive up to our off season home in Hoboken, NJ. I begged and pleaded with him, doesn’t a Harry Potter marathon WITH BISCUTS AND WAFFLES ON THE COUCH SOUND LIKE A MUCH BETTER IDEA?

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He refused and I begrudgingly started packing while silently mourning the biscuit and waffle i was going to devour Jeremy casually mentions “oh, we have a flight early Thursday morning you should probably pack warm cloths”. i’m a bit of a control freak so I don’t like when Jeremy tries to surprise me. “what do you mean warm clothes, Jeremy? your definition of warm is 65 degrees and i wear a parka at that temperature. Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and says “i don’t know – i actually think it’s going to be hot. pack bathing suits.” At this point, I empty my entire closet, stuff it into two bags and get in the car. Thursday morning we arrive at the airport, and Jeremy rushes to the check in desk and asks the woman not to say our destination out loud, she agrees to his request and all i could think was “is this legal? what if i was being kidnapped right now, probably best i don’t bring that up, could be awkward”. Jeremy manages to keep our destination a secret until we board our flight and the flight attendants announce we’re headed to beautiful in St. Marteen, at which point i turn to Jer freaking out letting him know his idea was good but I HAVE A BETTER ONE! What about St. Barts?! I’ve never been, I’ve always wanted to go PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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When we arrive in St. Marteen, we go through customs where the gate agent asks if we plan on staying in the country or just in transit. I turn to Jeremy to see his eyes darting around like he’s been stabbed in the leg. Jeremy tries to explain to the customs officer that this trip is a surprise and if he read our boarding pass it would tell him where we were headed. The customs officer looked incredibly annoyed and raises his voice “SIR ARE YOU GOING OR STAYING, I NEED YOU TO VERBALLY SAY IT.” At this point I chime in ” Yes, Jeremy, please let this nice man where we are going.” Defeated, Jeremy shakes his head and lets the officer know we were headed to St. Barts and I let out my happy dance and we grab our bags and head to the ferry!!!

After getting through our day of travel, we decide to play it cool for the night and start fresh in the morning. the following day, Jeremy wakes up early and tells me he planned a hike for us to see the natural lagoons. we ask for directions and are told that it is an a amazing hike, soooo easy to get to, you can’t miss it. fast forward 2 hours Jeremy and i are scaling up a vertical mountain with no one but the mountain goats in sight. we decided to abandon ship, and head back to the hotel, on the way back we run into a couple who tell us they’ve been watching us struggle and decided to abandon the hike as well, they offer us a ride in their mini cooper to another “easier” trail that leads to a beach Jeremy read about (Jeremy is 6’4, 300 lbs, in a mini cooper, with 3 other adults. just think about that for a second) after spending a great day at the beach with our new friends from Chicago, we decide to pack up and met up for dinner – Jeremy moving in lighting speed, grabs his belongs and sets off on the hike back to the car, i run to catch up with him, asking WHY ON EARTH is he moving so fast and leaving our new friends behind – RUDE. by the time i catch up to him he is at he top of a mountain, he turns to me and asks for a towel. puts it down, kneels on down one knee, gives me the cheesiest smile and asks me to spend the rest of our lives together. Hidden in the bushes were our new friends documenting it all!

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