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Romancers, it’s time. It’s time to throw caution to the wind, take that HUGE leap (hoping the net will appear) and state my (rather lofty) business goals for 2016. Things are changing over here at Capitol Romance HQ with the birth of my first kid this year and the changing waves of running a local wedding blog. Earlier this year I dropped the news about my pregnancy and the changes coming to the blog and my wedding coordination business. I was SO apprehensive as for the first time, there were SO many things out of my control.

But I am happy to say that I am still standing at the end of 2015. Though blogging has gone from daily to typically 3 posts a week, I am happy to report that that hasn’t slowed our growth. In fact, I would say that blogging less has enabled me to put out stronger content and less fluff and my views have continued to grow as a result.

I am also beyond thrilled at the year my wedding coordination business had with Alesha officially joining the team. We took on more weddings than 2013, Alesha KILLED IT with her own weddings and seamlessly took the ones I couldn’t work once Evie arrived. I am so insanely grateful, every day, that Alesha joined the team.

So let’s talk about next year. Because, well, I have HUGE goals and plans for next year guys. Like ridiculously big goals. I don’t even care how scary or risky or insane they might be. I am done playing it safe and I am ready to take on some big things. So let’s start with the ultimate goal. I am just going to lay this out here:

For 2016, it is my goal to make Capitol Romance THE #1, Ultimate Resource for Planning a DC Wedding

So what does that mean? That means a lot of things …. like:

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] re-designing the blog to accomplish this goal

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] better consolidating all the graphics, logos and branded items I have created since 2011

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] launching an online STORE (that’s right. ecommerce baby) of Capitol Romance branded items

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] creating SERIOUS resources that you can download, purchase, and use to plan your DC area wedding (whether you hire someone from our wedding coordination team or not)

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] upping our marketing game with a monthly newsletter, better advertising outreach, and more

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] expanding our wedding coordination team to bring on at LEAST 1 more coordinator for 2016

….. insane right? But it just feels right. For the first time since starting Capitol Romance in 2011, I feel like I finally have a clear goal, a finish line. It’s more of a marathon distance away then a 5K, but I can see it so clearly now, that I am wondering what took me so long.

So that’s it. My 2016 goals laid out for you to see. I can’t wait for you to tell me what you think…


  1. I am so effing proud of you, Bree! I can’t wait to see what you put in the store, and I love the idea of downloadable resources to help folks plan their DC area weddings. You are so good at this, and I love your vision and your heart for this area. I’ve always know you could accomplish the “big” stuff, and look at you go! You’re doing crazy huge things!

  2. You are so awesome and all of those goals are totally within your reach! It’s been so great to see you grow, you’ve got this lady! And I’d love to be a part of the rebrand item(s)!!!!

  3. Your blog was one of the first (and best!) resources I stumbled upon that gave me real information about making DC weddings happen! I’m super excited to see where you go in 2016 as I start making my wedding happen.

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